Apr. 6th, 2009

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The Odds Are In, Chapter 1

Fandom: FFVIII
Characters: Squall, Quistis, Irvine
Rating: PG-13 as a whole (this? G)

Summary: Squall sends Quistis and Irvine on a mission to Esthar, in the midst of political (and familial) unrest. Will they end up facing down the terrorists they suspect are behind Esthar's current political uprisings? Or is Laguna paying millions of gil for two very skilled Triple Triad partners?

Notes: This is a total piece of comfort-writing, after the hellish fuckjob (okay, PG) that March has been. Somewhat inspired by the shenanigans at [livejournal.com profile] lunaticdiscord, but also simply somewhat an excuse for me to write some fun characters that come easily to catch up almost 10,000 words on [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout.

The Odds Are In will be a series of connected ficlets / scenes / vignettes / pieces. Some will have plot, some will just be scenes. This month's goal: WORDS. The tag for this series is here. For anyone who's curious, I'll be uploading it to fanfiction.net, a little delayed from when it's posted here; link to the ff.net version.

Title from Dance Commander by Electric Six; in this work, I think Laguna must have been the Dance Commander / you know that / he's the only one / who gives the orders here / alright

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