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Fandom: FFIV
Characters/Pairings: Edge, Rydia, Kain (in the combinations: Edge/Rydia, Edge/Kain, Kain/Rydia, Edge/Kain/Rydia, oh yes)
Rating: R
Rated for: sex (not explicit), battle

For: [livejournal.com profile] justira, ABC Meme
Prompt: Kain/Edge (bonus Rydia is TOTALLY AN OPTION), "keep" -- as in a fortress, or keeping something/someone, or "keep going" or YOU PICK
So much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lassarina for beta-ing this 50-page monstrosity.

- - -

Two Notes on this fic.

This fic is a gift for Ira! I have been teasing her with snippets from day one! She is fun to tease because she gets very excited and then it's like motivation for my fingers to be faster and more awesome.

I have wanted to write Ira something really awesome since… well, probably since FFEX! She was my motivation for getting through the monstrous fic I wrote for that (hey, I am starting to sense a trend) and she gave that fic the most fantastic beta and gamma read-throughs and I have to say, Dissolution would not have existed without her awesome help and inspiration and support and also excited pokings.

But Ira is also an amazing person and I have wanted to write her gift fic for a while just for that. She's selfless and motivated and that's a dangerously awesome combination. She's there for sanity-break emails when I have no sanity, she supplies me with cute things when my brains are falling out, and she is generally cool about anything, whether I'm like "Let's talk about twincest porn today" or "My life is falling apart!" which are kind of my two extremes at the moment. XD Sometimes I am still amazed at how close I can become to people I met through fandom. Ira is one of those people; I can thoroughly blame FFEX (and Nay!) for it, and I feel very lucky for that.

So I've decided to reward that with 50 pages of fic, meta, and makeouts. So be careful about being my friend! Unless you want to drown in WORDS.

Momentum was not, actually, the story I set out to tell about this prompt! (That's right, 50+ pages of fic and I still have more to say about these three characters.) There's a companion-fic I'm planning on writing, which will be a thank-you to Rina for her beta of this piece and will be mostly Kain, covering some of my original ideas.

Momentum is a gift for Ira, but I'm hoping a few other certain people on my f-list enjoy it, too. ;)

I have a lot to say about this work. In the end, though, I think it's about healing, and forgiveness, and Edge. Edge is a wordy little bastard. I found him fascinating while writing this and I think fandom really gives him the short end of the stick; I hope I can help people appreciate him just a little bit more. Or maybe just give him one fic in which he isn't a cardboard cutout manwhore without anything else going on. (Then again in this fic he kind of is a manwhore. I win!)

You'll notice there are makeouts, and most of them use the fade-to-black. This was intentional; explicit smut just didn't fit in the story, and it also leaves room for me to write porn as a one-shot the next time a friend has a bad day. We all win!

Final note: the meta. There is a lot of it. Rydia, the Feymarch, Eblan – I put a lot of thought into it. Especially Rydia and her background. I'd appreciate any thoughts readers have on that. Then again, I appreciate any thoughts you have on any of this.

This fic is too long to be posted at LiveJournal, so you can read it in either of these places:

Dreamwidth: Momentum

AO3: Momentum

You can comment/review at either location (Dreamwidth will take OpenID), or you can return to comment here! ♥
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