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Ten Phases of the Moon

Fandom: FFIV
Pairing: Palom/Porom
Rating: R
Warnings: Twincest (explicit). Sexual content (explicit, but not graphic.)

For: The Alphabet Meme, [livejournal.com profile] katmillia, for P: "Palom/Porom, "in the dark of the night"

Summary: The twins share so much; ten times, between them. (Ten drabbles. Ten very racy drabbles, as I apparently make up for all the porn I haven't been writing otherwise.)

Ten Phases of the Moon )
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Fandom: FFIV
Characters/Pairing: Palom, Porom
Rating: PG-13
for [livejournal.com profile] katmillia

Summary: Porom finally claims her share of the Twin Magic.

Notes: Meta, no actual twincest, and a semi-AU setting depending on whether or not you ascribe to The After as a firm canon sequel or an amusing sequel suggestion. There was actually 600 words of scene-setting-up that I, uh, deleted because it was boring, but if you want to hear me ramble about it, feel free to ask what's going on

Amusing note #2: This was originally going to be a drabble. lol, self

Phoenix )
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Characters: Ellone, Palom, Porom
Rating: PG

Notes: Somewhat Mouths of Monsters-verse.

Additional Notes: Okay, so it doesn't have werewolves, but it has the moon, and I figure that's close enough, right? For Katy, because it is entirely her fault. The prompts I suggested were either werewolf!Ellone or Palom/Porom twinshipfic, which are bad enough on their own; Katy chose both. However, instead of werewolves, we just get magic gone awry on a full moon night. Seriously, this doesn't even make sense.

ETA: This fic exploded into something very, very long. Just keep in mind that spells like Comet or Flare can be classified as time magic (at least in FFV!)...

Final Notes: This is made of crack.

Tidal )
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Fandom: FFIV
Characters: Palom, Porom
Rating: G

In a fairly unusual move, I've actually saved some intermediate steps on this picture.

Art and Notes under the cut )

for [livejournal.com profile] cockeyed_art



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